About Us

The company sells its range of products through a well appointed dealer network. Dealer relations are of vital importance to the company, which is why they take their top dealers on incentive tours to various corners of the world twice a year.


The company also has its own showroom located conveniently on Hong Kong side. The full range of franchise items is displayed and there is a regular flow of interested customers.


Apart from a sales force that everyday comb the market, the company offers good after sales service with its own service department. The service department provides service requirements either at site or in their own service centre. The service department is also known for supplying quality spare parts and strives to keep in touch with customers who own appliances purchased from Westwing.


The company is involved in domestic sales against stiff competition. This therefore calls for careful planning of imports, sales forecasts, marketing strategies, finance budgeting and cash flow at the beginning of and during the year.


The performance of this company has steadily grown over the years as is evident from the rise in market share. The reputation of the company has also risen as a result and this can be displayed in the faith that the government and many major contractors have had in the company by awarding them many exclusive contracts to supply goods like refrigerators, air conditioners. Washer/dryers and cooking ranges to thousands of new houses in Hong Kong and Macau.